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FAQs-how to Setup Business in Dubai

Setting up a Business in a Dubai Freezone

What is a Freezone?

A freezone is an area where business is conducted without the restrictions normally applied to foreign businesses, such as requiring a partner with UAE nationality, or corporate or income tax.

Do I need a UAE Partner to form a company?

One of the many advantages of setting up a company in DAFZA is that it allows 100% foreign ownership. You do not need a UAE Partner to form a company at DAFZA.

Is corporate or income tax applied to companies or to individuals?

No corporate or income tax is levied on individuals or companies operating within the Freezone.

How many shareholders are required to form a company?

A minimum of one shareholder and maximum of 50 is required to form a company.

What is the minimum share capital required to form company?

The minimum share capital for a Freezone company is AED 1,000.

Is DAFZA Freezone part of the Airport?

Although it is situated right on the apron of Dubai Airport, DAFZA is not part of the airport.


Obtaining a Licence to setup your business

What are the different categories of licenses issued by DAFZA?

DAFZA offers two types of licenses: Trading and Service License.

Where can I obtain the legal documents required for a Branch or FZCO ?

Via our Licensing Department.

How long does it take to register a company after submitting all legal documents and settling payment?

It will take 2 working days after submitting all legal documents and settling payment.

What is the method of payment for facilities at Dubai Airport Freezone?

Advance payment in full is required.

What activities are allowed in Dubai Airport Freezone?

All trading activities including trading of specific products are allowed, as long as they are not hazardous or illegal. Click here to view the activity list.


Applying for a Visa with DAFZA

How does one apply for a visa?

Simply login with your company's Tas'heel username and password through Dubai Airport Freezone's website and submit a request for visas. You can also submit a request via the DAFZA mobile app.

What are the required visa documents?

Initially no documents are required; the first stage is to submit the visa application online and forward a passport copy to the commercial operations by fax or e-mail (fax number is available on Tas'heel).

How long does it take for the visa to be issued?

Normally 3-4 working days. It is possible to expedite this to 1-2 working days in urgent cases.

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