Dubai 10x

10X Initiatives by DAFZ

Blockchain enabled free zone
1st blockchain enabled free zone in the world
  • Connecting a very complex eco system to transform the customer experience
  • Creating a single gateway that offers end-to-end transparent, seamless and trusted services
Blink logo - DAFZA
Global digitalized marketplace
  • Cloud based engine driven by Articial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies
  • Trading faster than the blink of a human eye
Arig logo - DAFZA
  • Arif will be a virtual customer service agent available anytime and can be deployed anywhere in the world
  • Creating Arti‑cial Intelligence (AI) will transform the way businesses operate at DAFZ
  • Opening up additional channels of revenue.
FZExchange Logo - DAFZA
  • FZExchange open to all FZCOs globally
  • Making equity capital raising viable for FZCO’s
  • Adding AED 1.5 Billion value to Dubai’s Economy
DAFZA 10X Logo
  • Virtual, real-time, programmable laboratory built on the framework of open business APIs
  • Creating and accelerating the 10X Projects of Tomorrow