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Business Setup in Dubai Airport Free Zone

Setting up your business at DAFZA means joining one of the fastest growing Free Zones in the UAE. Strategically located adjacent to the Dubai International Airport, businesses in DAFZA leverage unique benefits in market access, tax exemptions, and world-class facilities. Three simple steps are required to begin business activities in the freezone.

Business Setup Dubai, UAE Free Zones

STEP 1: Select a Company Type

  1. 1. FZCO Setup
  2. The FZCO company type is similar to a limited liability company that can operate within the Free Zone. Shareholders may be individuals, corporate entities or a combination of the two.

    1. FZCO Features
    2. Can be from 1-50 shareholders (individual, corporate or both)
    3. Minimum share capital: AED 1,000 (USD 272) per shareholder
    4. Value of each share: AED 1000 (USD 272)

  4. 2. Branch Setup
  5. Existing companies can establish a Branch of their parent company in DAFZA. No share capital is required.

    1. Branch Features
    2. 100% owned by parent company
    3. Same business name as parent company
    4. Same business activities as parent company

Business License for company registration in DAFZA

Select the Right License Type

Your business activity determines which type of license you will need. You are required to establish a legal presence and obtain a business license related to the activities you propose to undertake. View the activity list to determine which type of license activity applies to you.

DAFZA offers the following licensing options:

Trade License

A trade license allows the holder to carry out trading activities including import, export, re-export, distribution, and storage of specific products.

Service License

A service license is geared towards service-oriented businesses and enables an entity to provide services specified in the license. Note that obtaining a service license requires consultation with our sales executives to facilitate the selection of the right category. Contact us to get more info on service license.

Industrial License

An industrial license entitles the holder to carry out light manufacturing industrial activities, packaging and assembling.

General Trading License

A General Trading license allows the holder to trade in general activities including import, export, re-export, store, and distribute.


Select the Facility

Once you decide on the company type and license type, you need to choose your office space or LIU unit for leasing.

Desks, Offices or Units to Rent

Dubai Airport Freezone offers a wide range of premium office spaces and light industrial units, including fitted office spaces, coworking spaces, serviced offices, packages, and executive suites to accommodate ventures sizing from start-ups to large corporations. The premises is located in the state-of-the-art Business Park, available for rent on an annual basis.

You can choose from ready-to-move-in spaces, or create your company environment via our fit-out service. Properties have magnificent views, for instance of the Dubai International Airport runway, and a variety of floor plans provides a layout that suits your needs.

Click here to know more about Our Products (packages, offices, and LIUs for lease).

Step 2: SUBMIT

To apply for initial review and approval, you need to submit the required documents.

Contact us to get more information

Step 3: Collect

Before you can collect your office keys, you need to sign the lease and register your company; follow the below steps:

1.Signing Lease :

Upon confirming the facility with our Sales Team, the lease agreement will be issued for the Authorized Manager to sign.


You can now sign the lease agreement, Upon the confirmation of the payment receipt according to the agreed payment plan. you can collect your office keys.


In finalizing the lease agreement and legal documents, DAFZA’s sales team will guide you with each step to make the process as smooth as possible.

1.Depending upon the activity of your business, you may require applying for NOC from external government entities.
2.Bank share capital letter will be required if share capital is above AED 150,000.


You are registered!

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